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Geneva Lakes Carpet Cleaning

Let our professionals do the work for an efficient and thorough cleaning

We offer a combination of cleaning methods that will limit drying time while still providing the deepest cleaning and sanitization available. 


Freshen up and give 

your carpets new life!

It is hard to keep carpets clean regardless of how careful and neat we are, especially when we have children and pets. With everyday use, who knows what’s trapped in that carpet! Even with regular vacuuming, you cannot get to the dust, dirt, and bacteria that lies deep in the fibers. To effectively remove odor causing bacteria, dust mites or fungi in the carpet fibers turn to Geneva Lakes Carpet Cleaning.

We make carpet cleaning stress-free and convenient for homeowners and business owners in Southeastern Wisconsin and Northeastern Illinois. When you hire us, you can expect us to do the following:

  • Make the appointment around your schedule
  • Move most of the furniture and put protectors under when placed back in position
  • Pre-treat stains (food, wine, salt, coffee, mud/clay, pet, nail polish, oil and grease, etc.)
  • Use a professional pet stain and odor remover
  • Make your satisfaction our priority
  • Deliver excellent results

We also know that it's not just your carpets that make an impression. We specialize in cleaning many surfaces, including:

  • Mats
  • Upholstery
  • Tile and Grout
  • Area Rugs
  • Oriental Rugs
  • Boat Carpets

Keep Your Carpets Clean and Your Loved Ones Healthy and Safe

Studies show a direct correlation with freshly cleaned carpets and the prevention or reduction in the spread of viruses like the common cold and flu. 

Help keep your family healthy and feeling good.
Get in touch with us today! 

About Our Company

Geneva Lakes Carpet Cleaning is a trusted family-owned local business serving clients in and around the Walworth County area for more than 20 years. We are not a large company, but we take immense pride in the quality of service that we provide to our clients who have also become a part of our family.

We work in the areas we live and where our children have gone to the schools. This has allowed us to build and cultivate relationships with our client base and the community over the years. 

Meet the Company Owners

Our team is led by owners Glenn Cherney, Claudia Cherney, and Alex Vina. They are active members of the community as well as various organizations. Glenn, Claudia, and Alex also donate to many charities in the area. This is a list of their memberships and affiliations:

  • Lions Club
  • The Santa Cause Charity (on the Board of Directors)

  • Alzheimer’s Association (Volunteer)

Client Testimonials

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